High School Debating Tournament

The National High School Debating Tournament
took place in Helsinki on 12th and 13th December.

On Thursday 12th at Ressun Lukio on Kalevankatu 8 there were 3 rounds, one being an impromptu round. This was a great and lively day for everyone, taking place between noon and nine o’clock in the evening.

On the morning of Friday 13th, between 9.30am and 2.00pm, we were welcomed to the British Emassy by the Ambassador, Matthew Lodge, following which the semifinals took place.. The four teams through to these semifinals were:-

Etelä-Taipiolan lukio
Rolle Rantaniemi
Daniel Cohen
Toomas Pitkänen
Teacher Marjut Sadeharju

Tampereen yhteiskoulun lukio
Sofia Levonen
Roni Rinne
Liekki Valaskivi
Teacher Kristiina Leskinen

Helsingin suomalainen yhteiskoulu
Maria Puolakkainen
Julia Ramula
Totti Tyynilä
Teacher Agnieszka Janus-Hiekkaranta

The English School Helsinki
Pyry Ahtiainen
Marcel Erkko
Matti Vuorinen
Teacher Lissy Clement

and lastly….
The Final

This took place between the teams from Helsinki’s The English School and Tampere’s yhteiskoulun lukio. The winner was The English School. They win €1500 for the team to take part in the European tournament. An article on the tournament will appear shortly on the Debating Club blog.

We must give big thanks to Ressun lukio school for hosting the first day and to the British Embassy for hosting the second day. Also we thank the Debating Coordinator, Aira Ranta and all those other University Debaters who gave time and commitment to running workshops around the country and judging in the tournament.

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