Satakunta SemiFinals

The area competition in Satakunta was held today in Pori. We had only one debate but it was a good one. The lot fell on the motion This house supports the use of sporting competitions as a political tool. The students were all in their second year with no English family background – good samples of regular Finnish students. The teams were well prepared and had quite of examples from the history of sport to back up their arguments. What’s more, they had the beginnings of main line of argument running through the debate.
The event was planned and carried out by two schools in Pori (Porin Lyseon lukio) and Rauma (Rauman lukio – a big one and the only one in town). The audience consisted mainly of teachers and students of the hosting school, Porin Lyseo. To our great joy, a group of 20 students from Ulvilan lukio attended together with their teacher. So perhaps now calling the event as a Satakunta event is a bit more justified.
All schools in our area did receive an invitation, but as not even the two schools within half-a-mile distance sent any representatives, it is evident that spreading the fun of debating is not easy.
The format with the 6 minute speeches seems now to have become familiar to the students and creates no problem. Not all the speeches carried the full time, though. The number of points of information didn’t quite reach the number required in the rules but points were made and taken in good form.
The Rauma and Pori teams met twice to practise after the school week on two Fridays. As it takes one hour to travel the distance between our towns, the time and trouble taken by the students perhaps proves that debating has a power to hold the ones who let themselves be attracted.
Although we managed to match up the number of debaters only to one round, there are a quite many more students involved. They took the roles of chairing and time-keeping and also hosting the event with an introduction to debating to the audience. Two students have been assigned the role of debating coaches, and they act as communicators towards their fellow students and post announcements in our Facebook-page.

Maria Älli

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