So why debate?

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Team TYK (Tampereen yhteiskoulun lukio) has practised debating for years, fifteen or so. With the new format came new challenges and this made us more enthusiastic again. We have got help from Tampere University Debating Society, the judges in the Semifinals came from there. We are particularly grateful for the well timed advice after Christmas when the students’ motivation was at its highest.

To win second place among Estonians, who are more experienced in debating than we are and compete against the best in the world, was a rewarding eperience. We now know that we are on the right path and will put some more effort into training. And it is exactly what we want to tell you all, keep on practising, get some advice from experts and test your skills e.g. in Tallinn next year. It is worth all your efforts!

Kristiina Leskinen

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