Turku Debating Tournament

Welcome to Turku Open 2013!
(for more details see here)

A wonderful journey begins today with the final destination, on the 25th of October, in the oldest city of Finland, Turku! We are delighted to invite you to our home, the University of Turku, in the land of a thousand lakes for three legendary days!

Why you should come?

Because you love debate and we promise you amazing motions, a well-known CA, great judges and a friendly environment to start the new debating-academic year in the best way possible! Whether you are a beginner or a veteran you’ll find your match, so don’t forget to pack your best arguments…

Because you love traveling and Turku is a beautiful place to see! Our city at the mouth of the Aura River used to be the capital of Finland and remains one of the most important cities of the country. A walk close to the river or past the Cathedral will be enough to steal your heart, so don’t forget to pack your cameras…

Because you love meeting new people and having fun and we can guarantee you both! Our socials will introduce you to the famous night-life of Turku and you will have the ultimate experience of participating in a traditional Finnish sit-sit party, so make sure you’ll pack your best mood…

Why you shouldn’t miss it?

…because you will dearly regret it!

To recap:

Three days, at least 5 motions, a beautiful city, new people and loads of fun…

Are you playing?

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