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Dear debaters,

the National Championships tournament is approaching fast and many of you have probably already gotten started with coaching and practicing.
Remember that you’ll get the motions on 14th of November and after that your tutors can’t help with preparation anymore since many of them are also judging. So act fast if there’s still something you need help with!
Here are some useful links that might help too:

Debate video blog is filled with amazing training videos by some of them best debaters in the world:
These are World Schools Debating format videos, but many of the others on the wed site might be useful too.

Debate central offers other kinds of learning sources as well:

Here’s the adjudication video I’ve mentioned earlier:

And here you can find hundreds of motions by themes with points for and against:

Hope you can find these useful!
I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information about the tournament.

All the best,

1 thought on “Useful links for preparation

  1. Thanks Aira. I’m about to check the links out. Looking forward to the workshop here in Kuopio, but we haven’t managed to put any teams up for the tournament this year.

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